Return to Crashing

On Saturday November 18th, we decided to attempt to fly both our rockets unmodified, no changes, standard level 1 motors, just for fun! Our last flight in October had been a failure, but we assumed the issue had to do with a low battery on our avionics module. We brought along a Nikon just to figure out how to use it, capturing many interesting photos of other launches throughout the day:

The day started out pretty well, despite the air being filled with spiders… that’s right, Spiders, believe it or not this is the second time we’ve seen this at a launch site. I’m not sure what species of spider it is, but you can read more about the technique they use to fly here. Anyway, we managed to survive the horde of spiders in the morning as we prepared “Why Me” for liftoff on an I303 Ceseroni motor.

Long story short, the rocket lifted off perfectly as usual, 808 camera failed as usual, I hit the trigger on the Nikon too late capturing the exhaust plume of our rocket after liftoff and the Stratologger decided we didn’t need to deploy the parachute and allowed the rocket to plummet into the ground at terminal velocity destroying the Main Chute section of our payload bay! The Stratologger remained powered through the entire flight, so we’re not really sure what happened. Because of this we decided to hold off on the second launch as the Stratologger is our only component capable of deploying the main parachute at the moment. Despite failing to capture any video or photos outside of the rocket of the launch, we did still manage to capture an awesome on-board video from the GoPro’s perspective in the nose-cone.

First blog post

Yes! this is the default wordpress First Blog Post! made by… wordpress, anyway the titles kind of appropriate, we’re not really bloggers, we prefer to just make stuff and hope that someone else will do the talking for us, so far no ones volunteered so we’ve made a site.